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Electronic Flea Comb


Fighting off an invasion of fleas in pet is a battle. The traditionnal treatments are generally effective but messy for pets and its environment.

Today, EYENIMAL has invented the lethal weapon : the ELECTRONIC FLEA COMB, an electronic anti-flea comb. The ELECTRONIC FLEA COMB is now effective alternative to medical treatments, sometimes harmful for your pet after several uses.

The ELECTRONIC FLEA COMB is especially conceived to fight fleas is simple, efficient to use and without danger for your pet.
The ELECTRONIC FLEA COMB is totaly painless and unharmful. Easy and quick to use the teeth of the ELECTRONIC FLEA COMB generates an electric tension when in contact with parasites, killing them instantly by electric shock, whilst remaining non-perceptible for man.
As there is no active ingredient used, you can re-use as often as necessary the combing with the ELECTRONIC FLEA COMB.

Technical features:
• Dimensions : 10,5x11 cm, metal teeth : 1,5 cm
• runs with 2 "AA LR06" batteries (not included)

1-year warranty

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