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Fluval Aquarium Stand - 31" x 13" x 26" (79 cm x 33 cm x 66 cm) - Black


This lovely stand combines sturdiness and elegance so that you can prominently showcase your aquarium in a striking way. The stand is suitable for aquariums up to 110 L (29 US Gal) and is also perfectly sized for Fluval 29 Tall aquarium (Item # 15206). Aquarium sold separately.

Key Features :

Elegant and sturdy frame
Suitable for aquariums up to 110 L (29 US Gal)
Perfect size for Fluval 29 Tall aquarium (Item # 15206, sold separately)
Includes easy assembly instructions
Size: 79 x 33 x 66 cm (31 x 13 x 26"")
Colour: Black
Weight: 14.05 kg (31 lb),


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