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Fluval Premium Aquarium Kit with LED - 45 Bow - 170 L (45 US Gal)


Ideal for the beginner and seasoned aquarist, the 45 gal bow front freshwater aquarium comes fully equipped with many of Fluval's premium and energy-efficient product innovations.
The kit features a low-profile LED light that generates 1470 Lumens and 8,000K and is an ideal choice for planted aquariums. Additionally the light can be upgraded to a second light strip to customize the viewing experience. Also included is Fluval's popular C4 power filter, which provides industry-leading 5-stage filtration.
A European-made, submersible M heater with shock-resistant glass and mirror technology blends in seamlessly with the environment.
All essential Fluval water treatments, protein-rich food, net, thermometer and care guide are provided as well.

A matching cabinet is available separately (item # 15768).

Key Features :

Freshwater equipped bow front aquarium, ideal for beginners and seasoned aquarist
Low-profile canopy LED light - disperses 1470 Lumens and 8,000K (upgradable to two light strips)
Fluval C4 power filter with industry-leading 5-stage filtration
European-made, submersible M heater with shock-resistant glass and mirror technology
Easy to set-up and maintain with low operating costs,


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