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How to accumulate or spend Freebees PointsTM

Accumulate and spend Freebees PointsTM has never been easier!

Partners allow you to Accumulate and Spend Exclusive Points and/or Freebees PointsTM on your transactions.

Exclusive Points : These points can only be used at the Partner who has issued them to the member.

Freebees PointsTM : These Freebees PointsTM are valid at all participating Freebees Partners.

In your wallet of your Freebees Member account, you will have a balance in Freebees PointsTM and the Exclusive Points balance for all Partners with whom you made a transaction Freebees.

When you present your Freebees membership card or mobile App at a partner, the latter will be able to give you the available Points balance for your purchase (Freebees PointsTM balance plus the Partner Exclusive Points balance.

For example, if you have $4.50 in Freebees Points and $8.70 in Exclusive Points, you can spend $13.20 in Points for your purchase.

For your purchase, these Exclusive Points and Freebees PointsTM have a value of $ 0.01. 1 point = $ 0.01

You can use your Points when and how you want!

Effective and versatile!

Your membership card or mobile App on your smart phone allows you to accumulate and spend Freebees PointsTM directly at a Freebees Partner location, in real time, the way you prefer.

Easily find our Partners by using the search tool to find a list of Freebees Partners near you or in a place you’ll visit.

Freebees PointsTM do not need to be redeemed online, ordering from a catalog or waiting at a later date to use.

Some partners are classified as "issuers only" and will allow you to Accumulate Freebees PointsTM. They will hand out Points for your transactions, but they do not accept payment in Freebees PointsTM.

Look for these icons to quickly identify the status of a Partner:

Accumulate and Spend :

Accumulate :


* Points awarded by the Partners, their offers and Promotions, exclude taxes, tobacco products, gift cards, bottle deposits, fluid dairy products, pharmacy, lottery and any other product where prohibited by law. Some restrictions may apply. See details at Partners.

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