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Nutrience Original Dry Food Chicken Meal with Brown Rice Recipe Healthy Kitten

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A quarter of a century ago, Nutrience set out to make an uncomplicated pet food that included nothing but simple, wholesome ingredients. Not much has changed since that time, and we're proud of that fact.

This tried and true recipe, specifically formulated for growing kittens, is proven to provide great results within its category at an affordable price.

Key Features :

  • Quality chicken protein to build strong, lean muscles.
  • Omega-3 (including DHA from flaxseed and salmon oil) and omega-6 help develop a healthy skin and coat as well as your kitten's brain and nervous system.
  • Optimal blend of prebiotics for a healthy digestive system.
  • Antioxidant-rich fruits & vegetables (including blueberries, cranberries & carrots, along with vitamin C, vitamin E and taurine) work together to support your kitten's developing immune system, heart function and vision.
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